About us

Newport Wedge Girls Lacrosse offers youth players ranging from kindergartner to 8th grade an incredible opportunity to fall in love with the fastest growing sport Lacrosse!  For over 12 years Wedge has been developing the love for lacrosse through the incredible program aimed to allow anyone to come out and learn to play.  Beginner player will be provided unique individual attention so they may join competitive rosters while returning skilled players will be challenged with high level game strategies, stick skills & becoming a leader in the age group both on and off the field.  Skilled returning players will be invited to play in tournaments throughout the wedge fall/winter season.  

10 years ago we saw that our eldest daughter and her friends were not happy with the current competitive sports opportunities in the area so we invited them out to come and try lacrosse.  With that same year many local Orange County HS had started to see the growing trend of offering an alternative sport to the talented girl athletes.  The timing was amazing and the number of players we have trained on 10+ local varsity rosters is close to a thousand!  But some of greatest accomplishments are knowing that they love of sport was a established and that first group of girls are currently D1, D2, D3 & Club super stars on many college campus - they loved it enough to continue playing!  That is Wedge's story - to learn to love lacrosse!

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